Purbeck Stone

The jewel in the Dorset crown.  Purbeck is one of the most versatile British stones with colour ranging from light beige through to bluey/grey blending together as nature intended.


The colour tones of this hardwearing Carboniferous sandstone range from a rich golden, earthy colour through to lighter tones still with a warm hue.

  • Extremely durable and suitable for internal and external use.
  • Ideal for walling, building stone, flooring and paving.


A perennial favourite, York sandstone is a popular choice for both inside and outside.  Very hardwearing and buff to grey in colour.

  • Ideal for flooring, paving, cobbles, pavers and pitchers.
  • Reclaimed flagstones also available.

 Blue Pennant

Blue Pennant sandstone is extremely hardwearing. Predominantly blue to grey in colour with occasional iron and coal markings.

  • It is particularly suited to exterior use especially areas of high traffic and where a low-slip surface is required.
  • Ideal for paving and cobbles.


A piece of our geological history is evident in every piece of stone.  The natural cleft of this stone brings to the fore the residual texture of its prehistoric inhabitants with raised swirls created by the worms burrowing their way through the sand bed.

  • Predominantly dark grey with occasional rust coloured patches.
  • Ideal for paving.